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Department of Botany is one of the most prominent department belonging to Comilla Victoria Govt. college generally known as an ancient educational institute in Bangladesh. Department of Botany started its journey as a part of Biology department during the beginning of science faculty at the college. In 1962 two individual department named as Department of Botany and Department of Zoology were created from Biology Department and consequently Botany was included as one of the non- mandatory subjects in Degree (pass) course. Decentralization of higher education took place through introducing Honours and Masters courses at various colleges after National University was established. At first in session 1994-95 Masters part -1 was run from Department of Botany at Comilla Victoria Govt. College. Successively from the session 1995-96 Masters Final part and Honours course from the session 1996-97 was run with success. Although the number of seats for Masters part-1 and Honorus 1st year was 50 respectively during establishment of the department, but presently the number of seats for Honours 1st year has been extended to 150.The number of the posts for Associate Professor, Assistant Professor ,Lecturer and demonstrator is 02,01,02 and 01 respectively in the department of Botany. An office assistant and two M.L.S.S are in employment on a private basis . Inspite of the limited number of man power, teaching programs are being conducted for 570 students. There are sufficient equipment in the three laboratories from H.S.C to Masters Final and necessary books are provided to the students through a seminar library. The academic performance of the student of H.S.C, Honours and Masters is fairly satisfactory in the department of Botany. Besides academic programs the students of the department fate part in various co-curricular activities spontaneously Study tours are organized for the students studying in different sessions. The students of the department participate in sports, cultural competitions, debating, scouting and B.N.C.C activities . If the necessary post for teachers are created according to the recommendation of ANAM committee, teaching programs will be more effective and I believe that the student of this department will be able to make themselves responsible citizens by obtaining high quality education. ... Go To Home Page

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