Message from the Principal


Comilla Victoria Government College (কুমিল্লা ভিক্টোরিয়া সরকারি কলেজ) is one of the oldest and renowned colleges in Comilla as well as in Chittagong division. The college is located on 29 acres of land including its intermediate and honors section. Landlord of that time, Roy Bahadur Anandra Chandra Roy, established the college on 24 September 1899. A white sculpture was built in front of the main gate of intermediate section of the college to keep the memory of Roy Bahadur alive. In 1972, the college was made a government college. There are 160 teachers’ posts in this college against 35 thousand students. The total number of departments of the college stands at 22. The departments are Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management department of Business faculty, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Mathematics, Statistics of Science faculty ,English, Bangla, History, Islamic History, Philosophy, Sanskrit and Arabic&Islamic Studies of Arts faculty and. Sociology, Social Work, Political Science, Economics of Social Science faculty. Honours courses in 22 subjects and Masters courses in 18 subjects. It has five dormitories - four for boys and one for girls. About one thousand students reside in these dormitories. The college always shows outstanding performance in Comilla Board on the basis of good result in HSC. Meritorious students try to get admission in this college because of its name and fame. Students of the Honors’ section also do very well in examinations. Most of the time students of this college get top positions in exams held under the National University. Comilla Victoria College has produced a large number of scholars, teachers, civil servants, physicians, engineers, politicians and social' activists. Students of the college regularly take part in cultural Program. Presently Victoria College Debating Society (VCDS), Victoria College Theater, Nongar, Badhon, (a leading blood donation organization) are active with their various socio cultural programs in the year round, They won many prizes from BTV and others debate or cultural competitions. Bangladesh National Cadet Core (BNCC), Rover Scouts are also working at the college. Victoria College Chhatra Sangshad played a vital role during the 1952 language movement and the 1962 movement against Ayub Khan. It was also actively involved in the Liberation War of 1971. The Memorial inside the campus commemorating the sacrifice of the freedom fighters who were students of the college.

With Thanks

Professor Md. Abu Taher
Comilla Victoria Govt. College, Comilla, Bangladesh.